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inspired by the beautiful landscape of  my native County Waterford,  Ireland.

A bit About Me

Hi, I’m Kevin Power; thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy viewing my work.

​I’m a  native of County Waterford, Ireland, and most of my paintings are of this beautiful part of the country. Many of the scenes are within walking or cycling distance of where I live.

​I graduated from Waterford School of Art in the late 1970s in graphic design, and worked in Dublin as a designer for many years, latterly as a freelance designer and illustrator, before pursuing a career in traditional Chinese medicine.

​Now retired from the field of commercial art, I’m enjoying the freedom to paint whatever moves me to pick up a paintbrush

My Collections

My Work

My copy of Vermeer's 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'

My copy of William Bouguereau's Nymphs and Satyr

While I love many of the impressionists  and some modernist work, I’ve always been drawn to the work of the old masters. While my paintings might not always reflect this, I suppose I’m a traditional realist at heart, and nothing gives me greater pleasure in my painting than trying to capture some of the glory of our natural world in a realist, representational manner.

My aim as an artist is to create objects of beauty – not simply decorative work –  which have depth and joy, and which lift the soul and spirit of those who view them. That’s the aim; how far short I fall of that is up to you to decide!

My landscapes are mostly of the area where I live, County Waterford, in Ireland. This part of the world has everything a landscape artist could wish for; woods, sea, mountains, rivers, bogs, and incredible cloudscapes, all under a constantly changing light.

Nature has so many moods, so many subtleties of light and shade which can change on a minute-by minute basis, let alone a daily one, that I find I could paint the same scene again and again and still find it fresh and new each time.

I love trying to capture the light in my paintings, and this is my greatest challenge and joy in painting landscapes.

Much of my landscape work is done in the studio, but I also enjoy plein air painting, which has a totally different set of challenges to it.

My still life and my figurative work owes much to the academic tradition, in terms of lighting and setting, and I like to use traditional glazing and layering techniques in those pieces.

There is a long tradition in art of artists copying the works of the old masters in order to learn from their work. All the old masters copied the works of those who went before them as a means of mastering the art of painting.

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